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Our Mission

​We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to establish a financially educated and successful community starting from LA County to all of the United States of America. Through effective financial counseling and financial literacy learning sessions and workshops, we seek to help people avoid experiencing financial hardships.


Our Services

Financial Literacy Tutoring

Learn financial literacy with our team of tutors to help you gain knowledge about the world of finance. Learn the practical concepts of investing and personal finance to help you to do better financially and personally. 

Financial Consultation

Financial Literacy Workshops

Learn financial literacy in group of 3 or more if you like to learn with other people. Engage in discussions about financial concepts that will help you to further understand them.

Financial Counseling

Improve your personal finances with the help of our financial advisors. Get an overview of your finances and get easy solutions to your problems. Our advisors consult you on what you need to improve and guide you through the process of doing so. 

Financial Advisor

Our Cause


As the nation with the biggest economy in the world, United States has a very low rate of financially literate people. According to the most recent survey, only 34% of adults in the United States are financially literate. This number has declined from 42% over 10 years.

Our Partners
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FME Articles is a student-run organization that alleviates complex financial economics topics. It includes various articles on these topics written by students. Finance OneforOne always supports efforts to make financial knowledge more accessible and understandable.

FME Articles


Family Promise is a nonprofit organization assisting families experiencing homelessness by helping them transition into permanent housing and employment. Finance OneforOne assists the newly housed homeless families to gain financial stability.

Family Promise

Financial Analyst

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Apply and make a difference. By volunteering and helping people be financially successful, you are taking our organization one step closer to making a community where lack of financial literacy wouldn't be a problem. Fill out the application and our recruiting team will contact to schedule an interview.


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